What Is A Pimple And How to Get Rid Of It?!


Causes of pimples on face

A pimple is a small inflammation or skin lesion that develops when the oil glands are clogged and become infected. This condition results to swollen red lesions that are filled with pus and are also referred to as zits or spots. The development of pimples is primarily associated with dead skin cells, bacteria or oil production. The sebaceous glands are found inside your skin pores and secrete sebum. The dead skin cells are sometimes left behind when the outer layers of our skin shed. It leads to a blockage in the pore which results from being clogged together with the sticky sebum.

The blockage of pores is likely to arise during puberty, a time where the sebaceous glands tend to secrete excess sebum. It is important to understand the reason this turns into a pimple so that you can determine the most effective solution on how to control them. Some of the primary factors include;

Falling out of follicles

There is usually a gradual shedding of the dead skin cells within the follicle that are dislodged onto the surface of your skin. The skin fails to continue its renewal process when the dead cells form a plug in the follicle after mixing with the excess sebum.


Undesirable bacteria is developed when the dead skin cells together with sebum accumulate and cause blockage to the pores. Acne bacteria will multiply at a higher rate once the follicle is plugged. It creates a chemical reaction that causes inflammation in the follicle and its surroundings.


Your body often sends several white blood cells in situations where it comes in contact with undesirable bacteria. This process is referred to as chemotaxis which causes a pimple to be red and painful.


Most skin problems often occur at puberty when the body produces the androgen hormones. They cause enlargement of sebaceous glands. Blemish sufferers usually experience overstimulated sebaceous glands that is caused by androgens. These hormones are responsible for flare ups during menstrual cycle or pregnancy.

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How to stop pimples coming on face


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There are several solutions available for preventing the occurrence of pimples on your face. Pimples may vary depending on the skin of an individual. There are several steps you can take to reduce the rate in which pimples come on your face. Some of these measures include;

Avoid touching your face often

It is not recommended to rest your cheeks or chin on dirty surfaces or your hands since we often come in contact with bacteria. If you experience one or two pimples on your face, do not squeeze or prick them since it only spreads the infection.


Moisturizing and dehydration is one of the simple ways you can prevent the occurrence of pimples on your face. You need to choose a moisturizer that is oil-free, water-based or gel-based. It keeps your skin hydrated without making it look greasy or oily.

Use non-comedogenic skin care products

Bacteria usually flourish in clogged pores that lead to red and swollen pimples. It is important to use skin care products and makeup that is non-comedogenic. It minimizes the chances of a skin infection by allowing your skin to breathe. Irritations on the skin can lead to constant scratching that spreads the infection.

Wash your towels, and pillow covers

Ensure that all your bed sheets, pillow covers and duvet are clean to prevent bacterial growth that can result in the breakouts. Since you use the towel to wipe your face, it is recommended to wash them regularly.

Regular exercise

Exercising frequently is useful in balancing the levels of hormone in your body. It also minimizes the chances of getting pimples because most of the toxins are released during sweat. It is also important that you rest well.

Follow a good hygiene routine

This involves washing your face regularly to get rid of the dirt, dust or makeup on your face. Cleaning the skin not only removes the dead skin cells but also frees your skin from elements that may lead to growth of the pimples.

Home remedies for pimples for oily skin

You can also cure and remove a pimple completely natural home remedies. Unlike the cosmetic products, these solutions ar cheaper and do not have any side effects. The natural remedy removing pimples are several and some of them may be more efficient compared to others. You only have to determine what works best for your face. They include;\

Apple Cider Vinegar

It is one of the excellent remedies for alleviating pimples on the scalp or forehead. You can always apply a bit of the apple cider vinegar on the affected area once or twice in a day. Ensure you have washed your face before applying the treatment.

Aloe Vera

You can rub the aloe vera on the skin that is prone to pimples. It is a natural remedy that has been proved to cure sunburns and redness. Regular application of aloe vera on the affected skin helps to remove the excess oils making it smooth and healthy.


Applying honey on your face not only prevents the occurrence of pimples but also treats them as well. It contains an antibiotic that heals the affected areas by minimizing inflammation. After application, allow it to rest on your face for about thirty minutes before you can wash it off with lukewarm water.


Oatmeal is known to absorb excess oils and also clears the pimple by removing impurities. You can prepare the oatmeal normally and allow it to cool. Clean your face and apply the oatmeal allowing it to rest for ten to fifteen minutes. You can then pat dry before you apply a toner and moisturizer.

Lemon Juice and Baking soda

You can also prevent and cure a pimple by applying a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice on the affected area. It is effective for most types of skin and you can always cleanse your skin before the application to achieve better results.

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