What’s Causing Acne & How To Clear It Up Fast

What causes acne on face?

Acne can be very annoying more so when the pimples keep appearing on your face. It is necessary to know what causes the acne on your face and how you can deal with it. There are few important things you need to know about acne. First, the condition is usually associated with the oils in the skin and spaces in the follicles that are the skin pores. Acne is not dangerous but can leave a few scars on your face which are undesirable.

The oil glands which secrete sebum, are connected to the skin pores. Pimples start appearing on your face after the follicular spaces are blocked. The blockage is associated with the increased production of sebum from the oil glands. Therefore, your face condition can be caused by the levels of androgen hormones in your body, dirt, heredity, greasy face creams and other things that are related to the same.

Teenagers often encounter this issue because of the heightened levels of androgen hormones in their systems. In this situation, acne is a skin condition that appears during the transition to adulthood and vanishes when you grow older. There are very many face creams and miraculous portions that are available in the market to act as remedies to these conditions.

Other specialists have mentioned that acne of face is brought about by eating aliments high in fats instead of going for natural meals. Acne can also be caused by dirt and dust which block the follicular spaces causing the buildup. It is often recommended to wash your face at least twice a day to ensure that you are safe from acne.

It can also be caused by certain face creams that are not approved by special authorities. If you have a greasy face cream that might be causing the problem, ensure that you get rid of it and use the natural means of preventing and curing acne.

Acne Vulgaris

Acne Vulgaris is the medical term used to refer to a skin disease that mostly occurs during puberty when the oil glands are stimulated. The tiny glands found close to your skin surface are called sebaceous glands. The sebaceous glands prevent your hair and skin from drying out by providing lubrication.

The adrenal glands in both males and females produce the hormones responsible stimulating the production of sebum. The mixture of dead skins with the secreted oil forms a clog in the follicles. The undesirable bacteria present on your skin will then infect the clogged follicles causing cysts, pustules or papules.

Acne is known to leave skin scars if no remedy is taken to minimize the condition. Your skin has small pores that are connected to oil glands situated underneath the skin. The follicles are small canals which connect the sebaceous glands with the pores. Sebum carries the dead skin cells via the follicles to the top surface of your skin. When these follicles are blocked, they cause an inflammation on the skin which leads to pimples.

Acne Vulgaris is also known to be hereditary and can run in the family lines. According to the recent studies, it has been proved that individuals whose parent had acne are likely to develop the same at an early age. Women report a higher percentage of adult acne compared to men. Most of these cases result from the changes in the levels of their hormone during periods, pregnancy or polycystic ovary syndrome. Other triggers of acne include some cosmetic products and certain prescriptions that facilitate blockage around the follicles.

The most forms of acne result from heredity and hormones and not harmful diet or poor hygiene. The ones which are common on the face are known as acne lesions although they can also be present on your shoulders, back, or neck.

How to clear up acne fast

It is important to know that acne can affect any person and it is important to learn the secret of clearing the problem faster. It is also necessary to take precautions on the fast treatment options that are displayed in advertisements or exhibitions. Different individuals have varying skin sensitivity and you may be a victim to reaction from other proposed treatments. There are faster and safest ways of clearing acne. Some of them include;

Avoiding pharmaceutical Symptom treatments

The effective way of treating acne is by handling its causes and not the pimples that occur on your face. There a lot of side effects associated with pharmaceutical treatments which do not address what triggered the growth of acne. It is important to use some of the natural methods which are deemed to be safe and do not have any effects. You can use Aloe vera, Oatmeal, Apple cider vinegar, or any other natural portion recommended by the experts.

Observer hygiene

Another way of clearing acne is by practicing good hygiene. Ensure that all your towels, bed sheets and pillow covers are washed with detergents that are effective in killing bacteria. Your bed is one of the places you spend most of your night and the bacteria present on the pillow cases are the primary cause of acne.

Regular washing of your face

Use a gentle cleanser for acne treatment that has been proved to be effective by your medical consultant. Use it occasionally while following the directions or instructions provided. It is useful in opening any blockage at the pore level allowing them to breathe freely.

Living a healthy lifestyle

The conditions of our skin are also determined by how we live. You need to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, drink water every day and make sure you exercise regularly.


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